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My Health & Nutrition coaching philosophy focus on strategies that will help you building the motivations to create enduring lifestyle changes toward a healthy living. No matter how big or small a change you are ready to make, I will help you to go through them step by step. I offer tailored, individualized programs based on different multidisciplinary approaches.

I can defenitely reccomend Nadia as a coach. She works on long term and sustainable goals, makes total sense. She is dedicated and knowledgable. You just have to slightly adapt your lifestyle but payback is huge. Helping a great deal to feel better and healthier.


“When I have got pregnant I asked Nadia to assist me with nutrition and health advises. Nadia supported me throughout all my pregnancy with precious recommendations on optimal nutrition and physical activity. As a result, following Nadia’s suggestions, I succeeded in not gaining excessive weight and to go back to my initial shape within a few weeks after I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby-boy! Now, after 4 month of breastfeeding I am in a wonderful shape (I am even lighter than before getting pregnant!!) and I keep following Nadia’s advice about nutrition and fitness!”

XIXI - Shanghai

“As a happily converted vegan, I was worried that my new diet did not inlcude enough proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients. Nadia has been absolutely amazing in assessing my recommended intake, providing invaluable advice around my new regime, from supplements, to food combinations and clinical tests. Her knowledge and experience not only reassured me, but guided me in the right direction through a holistic view… way better than any other doctor. Thank you, Nadia!”

ANNA, London

Download the seven-day food record form and start to complete your nutrition assessment.

Obtain the password for the free download, complete the seven-day nutrition assessment form and submit the completed form to obtain the analysis of your eating patterns. A nutrition assessment is an in-depth evaluation of both objective and subjective data related to an individual’s food and nutrient intake, lifestyle, and medical history. A nutrition assessment is the best approach for identifying nutrients that are likely to either be under-, or over-consumed. It also can be used to identify food patterns and preferences that might be unbalanced.

Contact me now to obtain your password for downloading the form and to get more information about the assessment of your eating habits.

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Workshops & Seminars

Do you need a Health Coach & Nutrition Advisor for the wellbeing of your employees? Contact me enquiring for the list of topics available for seminars and workshop delivered directly to your company.  Follow my blog to get updates on the upcoming presentations, seminars and workshops.

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