nadia barozzi
Nadia Barozzi

Health Coach
Mental Coach for Peak Performance
Nutrition Advisor
Public Health Expert


My professional history starts over 20 years ago when I decided to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sciences. As first step into my career, I completed a degree in Industrial Pharmacy in Milan (Italy). Once completed the degree in Milan, my interest for science and research brought me to Australia, where I completed a PhD in Public Health and Health Services Research. After submitting my PhD thesis, I relocated back to Europe and worked briefly at the European Medical Agency in London. While in London, I was offered a position as global epidemiologist in Basel and I decided to move to Switzerland. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for a few years before deciding to move forward with my education and complete a Master of Advance Studies in Nutrition and Health at the ETH in Zurich while training as master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
The drive to integrate also nutrition, nutrition epidemiology and coaching techniques in my education was leaded by the desire to use my knowledge to help individuals to better understand the importance of conducting a healthy lifestyle and to assist them in a life-lasting empowering change. Now, I coach people that want to switch to a healthier lifestyle and integrate into their lives wellbeing and fitness, and I help athletes that want to work on their nutrition to improve performance. I also offer tailored programs to school and private institutions to provide educational seminars and workshops on nutrition and lifestyle for parents, students and school staffs. I continue to conduct research in Life Science with a focus on Public Health and Nutrition. I have published a number of peer-reviewed publications, a book chapter, non-reviewed contributions to journals, and I presented at several international conferences.



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