Mental Coaching for Peak Performance

Coming Soon, a guide that explains you how to train your mind to reach your peak performance.
Choose to perform with no limits

As Mental coach,

I will assist you in developing systematic mental skill patterns to get at your performance excellence.

You will learn:
How to improve your focus
How to improve your confidence
How to trust your skills
How to stay focused under pressure
How to deal with adversity or obstacles
How to take your skills to competition


Mental Coaching for Peak Performance

There are specific mental skills that contribute to success in sports, they are learnable and can be developed and improved with practice.  Mental skills that have been identified to be important for human achievement and performance are: motivation, imagery, emotion control, mental planning, and team building.

Successful Athletes are able to:

 • Choose and maintain a positive attitude
 • Maintain a high level of self-motivation
 • Set high, realistic goals
 • Use positive self-talk
 • Use positive mental imagery
 • Manage their emotions effectively
 • Maintain concentration

You do not need to be a professional or elite athlete to be a successful performer. A successful athlete can be a biker at his first experiences, a member of a team, a runner whose goal is to complete the first marathon, a swimmer who holds several world records, or an Olympic medalist. Independently from the sport discipline and the phase of the sport career the athlete is in, what all those athletes have in common is the burning desire to perform at best of their abilities pushing themselves to their limits.

To achieve top results athletes train very hard with commitment and discipline. However, it is not always easy to maintain a constant high motivation and to control emotions during competitions.

Loosing control over focus and confidence can cost a lot even to a strong and very well trained athlete. There is evidence that mental skills such as focus, concentration, determination, commitment, and confidence can have a huge impact on athletes’ performance.

Mental skills are associated with higher performance and are important for pushing the athletes’ towards his/her personal limits and to manage the challenge of physical fatigue and mental frustration when pursuing personal excellence.